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  1. Martin Handig

    Dear Eduard Team!

    It is indeed fantastic news that in the latest Eduard Info editoral there is an announcment that the next Bf109G-10s will be WNF Versions.
    These versions are a very long whish for many enthusiasts!
    Typically these WNF versions had MK108 and always Short tails, although the Long tail Wheel was invested by Herrn Bölkow (Mtt Entwicklungsbüro) at Wiener Neustadt in 1943!

    If I may give you another good idea which has so fare not been realised: the Bf109-Aufklärer E, F, G-Versions. Besides most of the G-Aufklärer and almost all G-8 were produced at WNF!
    Sofare only Fujimi had the G-10/R2 recce a simple version I 1:48 with only 2 simple glass fuselage floor Parts ! Besides there are two recce Versions, one with one large Rb 30/50 or Nahaufklärer with 2 Rb 12/7. Both are in the Fujimi kit which could be use as a sample. If Eduard does not want to release a not so often demanded Aufklärer, you could instead provide recce version(s) as a BRassin conversion sets similar to the Funkgeräte sets.

    I hope that gives your fine company some ideas for new kits!
    Good luck from Vienna,
    Martin Handig

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