Do you own one of our MiG-15/MiG-15bis kits with the early version of sprues? Send them to us and we’ll send you the corrected sprues for free!

The sprue exchange only includes sprues within kit 2113 and Overtrees sold during October 2013. This exchange does not account for kits cat.nos. 7056 and 7057 (these include already corrected sprues).

Simply send the sprues to our postal address, with your contact information and email address. As soon as we receive your sprues, we will send you a special coupon, which you can use to order the replacement sprues at Eduard Store for FREE. Applied coupon gives you free shipping and 10% discount on any additional products added to such order.

If this  method of exchange doesn’t suit you, contact us and we’ll offer you alternative resolution of your request.

Our address is:

Mirova 170, 435 21 Obrnice
Czech Republic

(Please mark the package with words “MiG-15 sprues replacement”)

How do you know you have the updated version of MiG-15/MiG-15bis sprues

If you can find these three bulges on the edges of the sprues, you already have the corrected version of MiG-15/MiG-15bis sprues. If you cannot find the bulges on your sprues – you have the early version. Simply send them back to us and we’ll send you instructions on how to receive corrected sprues for free.

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  1. roger fabrocini

    i have already assembled the MiG-15 from kit #2113. do i still qualify to receive new spruce? also, do i need to protect the spruce from damage when packing them for return?

  2. Libor Havránek

    Hello Roger,

    If you already have the build kit, and cannot send us the complete set of sprues, then I’m afraid this deal isn’t for you. We will only accept complete set of sprues for this exchange.

  3. Czar

    If the model has been somewhat assembled, and the sprues are not intact or complete, is there any way we can buy the new set of sprues instead?

  4. Matt

    Hello Libor,

    The world is more or less waiting for you to make an official statement concerning the overscale fusealage and wings of the G6… There is a hysterical attitude towards the kit on ALL MAJOR forums… People with actual bluprints in possession claim the wings and body being both 7-9 mm too long and wings too wide…

    There is also the angle of the gearlegs which have been photographed, shown on the forums in a completed stage of your kit… Clearly the angle is too shy and different from an original aircraft.

    How and when are you going counter into these discussions ?

    Matt. K

    1. Libor Havránek

      Hello Matt,

      We’ll publish another detailed statement about this issue in our upcoming Info Eduard. Please stay tuned to our websites.

    1. Libor Havránek


      Simply follow the instructions in the post above and send the sprues to our company.

      We’ll contact you shortly, giving you exact instructions on how to obtain the replacement sprues.

  5. Chris Whyatt

    excuse my ignorance, – but will I have to return all the sprues?
    In kit 2113 that would be 3 plastic bags containing the sprues – is that correct?
    I live in England, is there any other way to get the replacement sprues?
    Postage is quite expensive.

    1. Libor Havránek

      Hello Chris,

      Yes, we need you to send us the complete set of the sprues in order to receive the free replacement.

      Unfortunately, there’s other way around this – that’s wy we give you free shipping on your order of replacement sprues and additional 10% discount on such order.

  6. ya-gabor

    Hello Libor,
    Will the exchange of the old frames be available at the E Day 2014 show? Or is it only by post???
    I would not like to take with me to Prague the four sets of old frames only to find out that it is not possible to exchange them at the Eduard shop.

    I dont see to much point in sending the sprues by post, getting a voucher and somewhere in the future receiving the new frames, where is I can take the “old” frames with me to the E Day and do a straight forward exchange, one for one.

    Best regards

    1. Libor Havránek

      Hello Gabor,

      I’m not sure if we’re taking the replacement sprues with us to E-day 2014. It would be much better if you could send them over by post.

  7. ya-gabor

    Hi Libor,
    Is it possible that you find out if you will have replacement MiG-15 sprues at E Day? You are the one at Eduard!? Is it possible that you find out with in the company?
    The hustle with the post, the voucher(replacement coupon) and then somewhere later on the replacement parts with another order from Eduard is a bit complicated and all overcomplicating a very simple issue of replacing a faulty set of sprues for the correct ones. This should be a very simple thing to do!!!

    I believe this is why so few people did this exchange, refered to by Mr Sulc in INFO. They rather used what they had :((( and did not care for the corrections! Or simply put it into the stash on the “never to build” shelf.

    Best regards

  8. David

    Hi Libor,

    Can you please repost the picture on this site that showed the new type of sprues, it seems to have gone and I’d like to check against my kit sprues.


    Dave R.

  9. Aleksei Kettunen

    Is this replacement program still effective?
    I live in Helsinki, Finland and your products are distributed here by Mr. Kuivalainen. Would it be possible to carry this operation out throught his store?
    I have 2 doulekits 2113 to replace.

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