Do you know a new model of HIND / Mi-24 in Czechoslovak service in Limited Edition will be introduced at this year’s E-Day?

Do not miss it! The box contains:

– plastic parts by Zvezda for two complete models

– Eduard Brassin – flare dispensers and nose details

– colour photo-etch and painting masks

– Cartograf decals for 14 schemes

– pictorial book on the service of the Mi-24 in Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic (A4 size, 132 pages; in Czech language)

– plastic kit of Velorex vehicle in 1/72 scale, marking of 331. vrl (helicopter squadron).

The kit includes a 132 page book by Lt.Col. (ret) Jaroslav Spacek. A discussion and the author’s book signing will take place at the launch of the sale.

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