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Contact information

Company Headquarters

Mirova 170,
435 21 Obrnice
Czech Republic
IČ: 44564325 DIČ: CZ44564325

Eduard Store Orders & Stock Department

EDUARD M.A. - sklad
Kostelní 658/2538, 
areál RICO,  43401 Most

Phone Contact

Company management - Vladimír Šulc, Stanislav Motl, Karel Pádár +420 777 055 500

Photo-etch and plastic kits manufacturing - Martin Ferkl +420 777 055 500

Accounting department
- Jiřina Motlová +420 777 055 500

Marketing and PR - Jan Zdiarský +420 777 055 500

Sales department - Petra Pavlíčková, Vojtěch Csesznok, Renata Benešová, Pavla Šulcová   +420 723 868 928

Brief History

Eduard Model Accessories was formed in 1989 in the basement of co-owner Ctirad Kuraks house in Most, Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). Two years previous, Mr. Kurak and Vladimir Sulc had started making photo etch for themselves and had decided that it was possible to sell to shops, so in 1990 the first photo etch, a 1/48th scale Su 25K, was produced for sale. In that year many more sets were made and sales were so good that they moved into a proper office and opened up a production line in 1991. (read more>>)  

ProfiPACK - Scale Kits

ProfiPACK is our basic, high standard plastic kit edition. Each ProfiPACK kit contains a complete plastic model kit with additional items for various subvariants, photoetched sets Eduard masks and a large decal sheet covering four to six markings options with stencils. The ProfiPACK kits are produced in 1/48, 1/72, 1/144 and 1/32 scales. This line is easily recognizable with its orange accented box, and with more recent releases, the addition of the ProfiPACK logo. The older ProfiPACK kits had a black box and also carried the ProfiPACK name. ProfiPACK kits are designed for all moderately experienced modelers.

Product Range, Eduard Editions

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Limited Edition - Scale Kits

The Limited Edition kits offer plastic from Eduard runs, as well as of those of other manufacturer's. The plastic is then brought up to the ProfiPACK standard with the inclusion of PE sets, masks and large decal sheets, and are further complemented with other accessories such as resin details (exhausts, engines, wheels etc.), figures and/or supplementary publications. Many of the Limited Edition kits are offered in a Dual Combo packing, containing two complete kits. They are produced with the serious modeler and collector in mind. Most of these have historically sold out in a matter of weeks.

Weekend Edition - Scale Kits

The Weekend Edition offers a simpler and less expensive alternative to the standard ProfiPACK kits. They provide a top quality injection molded kit at an incredibly competitive price. The Weekend edition kits contain all parts in injection molded plastic, and build one specific variant. They contain no additional accessories, and have a single marking option for which the boxtop serves as a guide. These kits are designed for those modelers that don't require or want all of the 'bells and whistles' of the ProfiPACK kits, and are ideal for beginners and quick turnaround modelers. These kits still can be upgraded with separately available accessory sets as, and if, desired.

Royal Class - Scale Kits

The name here is pretty self explanatory. The distinctive black box typifies the top quality nature of the kits, and contain two complete kits (though three have also been included in some subject matters). The decals offer 10+ marking options with stencils, a very extensive assortment of PE and masks, and an extra large instruction booklet. Special bonuses are included in the form of 1:1 replicas of medals and insignia, large scale instrument panels, supplementary publications, resin parts, or pieces of the actual aircraft relevant to the subject. These kits, although not cheap, are unique in the hobby and target very discriminating modelers, collectors and aviation enthusiasts.
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