We’re bringing you a short sneak peek into the box of the upcoming Royal Class edition of Bf 109G in 48th scale.

The kit, released in July 2014 (available in less than a week!) contains:

  • plastic and photo-etched parts and for two complete models of Bf 109G in variants G-2, G-4, G-6 and G-14 (premiere release of parts for variants G-2, G-4, G-14)
  • Cartograf printed decals for 16 colorful markings
  • a piece of the real Bf 109G-14 mounted on a wooden block with four page certificate of authenticity and story of the particular plane
  • Eduard „Gustav“ designed Beer glass
  • Brassin set of Bf 109G-6 wheels (2 pairs)
  • Brassin set of Bf 109G cannon pods
  • Brassin set of Bf 109G W.Gr.21 rockets
  • Fabric seatbelts

R0009 Box contents

Watch our websites closely so you don’t miss this release! As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Graham Payne

    There isnt any mention of the Gustav beer mat? has this now been removed from the Royal Class edition? If it has, it would be a great shame as they looked fantastic.

  2. Howard Garcia

    Too bad the Royal Class has gone from 3 planes down to just 2.
    I’d rather they take out all the gimmics (beer glass and piece of metal) and just add another aircraft!

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