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BFC Terms

Terms of the Bunny Fighter Club programme

1.     Bunny Fighter Club

1.1     Bunny Fighter Club (hereinafter referred to as the “BFC" or “Club") is the title of the programme offered by EDUARD-MODEL ACCESSORIES, spol. s r.o., with its registered office at Mírová 170, 435 21 Obrnice, company Id. No.: 44564325, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem, Section C, Insert 1808 (hereinafter referred to as the "Company“), as an additional service for all end customers of the Company.
1.2    The general business terms specified on the website of the Company are superior to the Terms of this programme.
1.3     Purchase of at least one activation product of BFC, in the form of the identified articles of the Company (hereinafter also the "activation articles of BFC“) is understood as registration of the customer in the Club, the customer´s consent to these Terms and, at the same time, entering into an agreement on Club membership, effective as of the moment of sending the confirmation email about the BFC membership to the customer. If the activation articles of BFC are returned or the payment is cancelled, the agreement shall not be entered into and the membership ceases.
2.     Club membership
2.1     Membership in the Club links to the properly concluded agreement specified in the provisions of Article 1.3 of the Terms.
2.2     Natural entities qualified to take legal acts can join the Club as members.
2.3   Future members of the Club shall provide true and correct personal details when registering  - purchasing activation articles of BFC: name and surname of the customer, address (or mailing address), telephone number and e-mail. The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by details incorrectly shown by the customer.
2.4    A customer who is a member of the Club is authorised to obtain special offers and discounts on the article price provided by the Company, provided these Terms are observed. The articles for Club members are properly designated or restricted on the Company´s website, or they can be specified in a separate pricelist related to the Club programme.
2.5     Members shall inform the Company of any changes in the details specified in the Registration without delay.
2.6     The Company is authorised to make a decision on cessation of Club membership if the Member:

a)     acts in conflict with the provisions of Article 2, clause 2.2 and 2.3 of the Terms;

b)     has acted illegally or acted in conflict with good manners, as a result of which the Company sustained damage;

c)     has breached the General business terms specified on the website of the Company;

d)     has filed an application to cancel their Club membership (in writing, by email);

e)     has died or has been declared dead;

g)   has an overdue debt towards the Company for more than one month;

h)   acts as stipulated in the provisions of Art. 1.3, sentence two.

2.7     The decision on cancellation of Club membership is sent by the Company to the email address last notified to the Company within 14 days of the decision.
3.     Club benefits
3.1.    Club benefits can only be used pursuant to these Terms and only for the designated or restricted articles on the website of the Company. Discounts cannot be applied for postal charges, packaging fees or other cost related to delivery.
3.2.    By duly registering and purchasing activation articles of BFC, Club members gain:

-    a permanent club discount for articles purchased via the Company website;

-    access to the articles restricted to only Club members;

-    additional price reductions for articles at the Company stand at exhibitions, if any. Club members shall prove their membership in the manner specified by the Company for the specific event.

-    free entrance to public events organised by the Company;

-    the right to be informed about the articles of the Club.

3.3.    Club discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or reductions or discount actions of the Company, unless otherwise provided by the Company.
3.4.    The Club discount does not apply to the activation articles of BFC. Multiple purchases of the activation articles of BFC shall not increase the Club discount or any other Club benefits.
4.     Communication through the Internet
4.1.     For any specific actions taken through the Internet (e.g. registration, orders), Members shall observe the Terms and General business terms shown on the website of the Company. All and any notifications of the Company shall be understood as delivered as of the date of dispatch. Protection of personal details shall be provided according to the provisions of Article II. of the General business terms of the Company.
5.     Final provisions
5.1.     Rights associated with Club membership are non-assignable and shall cease upon termination of Club membership.
5.2.     The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms. The modifications shall be announced on the website of the Company.
5.3.     Transactions made after the notification of the modifications shall be understood as approval of these by the Club Member.
5.4.     The Company reserves the right to terminate the Club programme for any reason whatsoever. The date of termination of the Club activities shall be announced on the website of the Company at least one calendar month in advance.
5.5.     The Company is exclusively authorised to provide any presentations and/or announcements related to the Club. The Company waives responsibility for any announcements made by Third Parties.
5.6.     The Terms come into force and become effective as of commencement of the Club activities.

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