MiG-21BIS 1/48

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Cat.no.: SIN64802
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Product contains:
Cat.no.: 648025 Rocket launcher UB-16 and UB-32 1/48 260,00 Kč
Cat.no.: 648026 MiG-21 wheels 1/48 130,00 Kč
Cat.no.: 48704 MiG-21 ladder 1/48 260,00 Kč
Cat.no.: 648050 MiG-21BIS interior 1/48 450,00 Kč
Cat.no.: 648051 MiG-21BIS exhaust nozzle 1/48 260,00 Kč
Cat.no.: 648049 MiG-21 wheel wells 1/48 260,00 Kč
Total price: 1.620,00 Kč
Product price: 1.425,00 Kč
You save: 195,00 Kč

BIG SIN collection focused to the 1/48 scale MiG-21BIS model by Eduard contains high quality resin and photo-etched accessories.
Collection contains interior, engine exhaust, wheels, wheel wells, rocket launchers UB-16 and UB-32 and a ladder.

The model for which this set is appropriate was awarded by the “Model Of The 2012 Year” by Modell Fan Magazine and IPMS Germany. The Fliger Revue Magazine awarded the same kit family by the Prize for Innovation of 2011 year.

All sets included in this BIG SIN are availables eparately, but with every BIG SIN set you save 10 to 15%.

Gallery Product details
manufacturer Eduard
products Big Sin
type Aircraft
scale 1/48
Weight 0.179 kg
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